George Goldsmith-Cottrell George Goldsmith-Cottrell

George Goldsmith-Cottrell

Online Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer

  • Are you desperate to change the way you feel?
  • Do you want to feel healthier, fitter and stronger?
  • Is your self confidence affecting your life?
  • Are you ready to take the next step to change?
As a firm believer of balance; I teach my clients that it is possible to lose weight without restricting all the foods they love.
Don’t seek quick fixes. Instead, I'll help you create habits that are sustainable over a lifetime and will get you long term results - striving to make fitness fun and enjoyable!
My fitness journey started seven years ago with my Personal Trainer; which I can honestly say was life-changing. Going from regularly drinking, eating terrible foods, and struggling with my mental health, to learning how to take care of my body and treat it with respect. Becoming completely hooked on the lifestyle and decided to make my passion my career.
I know you can achieve whatever you desire – if you motivate the mind, the body will follow.
George Goldsmith-Cottrell

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